For professionals: want to learn more about Italian wines?

vinitaly-international-academyYou heard about Vinitaly right? One of the biggest wine fairs in Europe. Anyway in February 2014 the managing director of Vinitaly Mrs. Stevie Kim together with wine specialist and wine writer Mr. Ian D’agata started Vinitaly academy.


Vinitaly International Academy (VIA) is an educational initiative aimed at simplifying the vast diversity of Italian grape varietals by explaining, divulging and broadcasting the characteristics of Italian wine around the world.
After more than ten stopovers of the Academy around the globe in 2014, VIA launched the very first edition of its Certification Course that was held just before Vinitaly 2015 and saw the participation of 54 candidates from 17 different countries. Today VIA, after the second edition of the 2016 Certification Course, with the proclamation of 27 new Italian Wine Ambassadors, can count on the support of 6 Italian Wine Experts and 55 Italian Wine Ambassadors from around the world and is looking to further expand its community.

How those it work? The Certification Course with candidates from all around the world will take part in a five-day intensive course made up of classroom lectures and wine tastings. The aim of the Certification Course is to enable all those who love Italian wine to speak of it in a unified and organized manner, with true in-depth knowledge. At the end of each course a written and oral exam allow candidates to achieve two levels of certification: Italian Wine Ambassador (IWA) and, the highest VIA level, Italian Wine Expert (IWE).

Approved VIA certified wine specialists will be able to support VIA in teaching the courses around the world and broadcasting the excellence of Italian wines. To see the profiles of the first 6 Italian Wine Experts and 55 Italian Wine Ambassadors certified during the firt and second edition of the Course please visit our “Certified Expert and Ambassador” section. The second edition of the VIA Certification Course has been supported and financed by ICE (Italian Trade Agency) and the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

The VIA Certification Course represents a unique opportunity for wine professionals all over the world to gain extensive knowledge from the leading Italian wine expert Ian D’Agata on the subject of Italian grape varieties and wines. The course does not just offer hours of in depth classroom teaching but also the opportunity to taste hundreds of wines that are not easily found outside of Italy. In this manner, our students have an opportunity to really understand and learn the differences between each variety and wine, as well as learn what each wine should really smell and taste like.

Places available: 50

Length of the course: 4 days + 1 day exam

Language: English

Location: Verona

Online Application: please follow the link below to apply: you will be asked to upload an updated copy of your CV, one photo, and explain why you wish to apply.

Registration fee: 1.000 euro + VAT (22%) including accommodation during the entire duration of the course and learning materials.

Unfortunately the terms for the application to Vinitaly International Academy 2017 ended on December 14th 2016. The selection for Vinitaly International Academy 2018 is going to start in August 2017.

If you need further information visit:



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