Truffles truffles truffles…

The big white truffle season pretty much just ended, but it doesn’t mean there are no truffles now…

Truffle – What is it?


The truffle is a hypogeum fungus which grows underground, closely linked to certain kinds of plants, from which it absorbs nutrition by means of an extensive and ramified root system. The fruit is in the form of a tuber and consists of a fleshy mass, whose colour varies from white to grey tending towards brown, depending on the plant on which it lives and grows. Indeed, the truffle consists of a percentage of water and mineral salts, which it absorbs from the surrounding soil. Its form, usually round, depends on the nature of the soil: if the soil is soft it will be smoother; if the soil is compact it will have more difficulty growing and will therefore tend to be more protuberant and lumpy.

So, there are different kinds of truffles:3

White truffle

“Tuber Magnatum Pico”
known as the “White truffle from Alba – Tartufo bianco d’Alba”



Bianchetto truffle
“Tuber Albidum”




Black summer truffle
“Tuber aestivum Vitt”
known as “Scorzone truffle”


Black winter truffle
“Tuber melanosporum Vitt”
also known as “Winter black truffle”


For more information, check out Tartuflanghes website.


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