Piedmont – what to do? Part 1

I get a lot of questions of what to do here in the area and where to eat etc. So I was thinking that I will write some suggestions of places I like. So today we start with restaurants.

First up is:

  1. Osteria More e Macine – a simple bistro in the heart of La Morra. This is my absolute favorite restaurant! I try to go here as often as I can! Here you eat local well made food and choose from a wide range of wines. Start with a plate of mixed charcuteries and a glass of sparkling wine. Here you can eat everything from Carne cruda (steak tartar), Vitello Tonnato (thin sliced veal with tunasauce) to pasta and tiramisu. The wine list is well made and the pricing is very good. I see more focus on Piedmont and Burgundy. Here you can also buy wines to “take away”. So if you are looking for good wines to fill your cellar with, you don’t necessarily have to go to a winery or wine shop to purchase your wines, you can buy straight from the bistro, usually you will get a better price as well. The best thing with this bistro is that they serve food all day. It is very common in Italy that restaurants and shops are closed in the afternoon. So if you want to have a late lunch this is perfect. They are open 7 days a week from 11.00 am to 01.00am.

Osteria More e Macine

Via XX Settembre 18

La Morra (CN)

+39 (0)173 500395


2. Ristorante Piazza Duomo – a 3 star restaurant in the center of Alba. If you are looking for fine dining and real food and wine experience this is the place for you. I first heard about this restaurant a few years ago at my sommelier education in Sweden, one of my teachers is a frequent visitor of Italy. The restaurant is owned by the winery family Ceretto and the star chef Enrico Crippa. Crippa has brought his international experience to an traditions as deep-rooted as those of the Langhe by presenting unusual flavours, while continuing to respect and attach importance to locally-sourced ingredients. The underlying theme is the use of vegetables and prime raw materials, carefully selected in keeping with the season and then skilfully turned into works of art in a way that only talented chefs are capable of.

Along with the kitchen, the dining-room is the beating heart of a restaurant, and in the elegant setting of Piazza Duomo the staff is experts and highly-motivated and are capable of leading diners through a unique tasting experience in the dishes presented by the chef.

In general star restaurants in Italy, in my opinion, is quit disappointing. I will probably make a lot of people upset now but this is just my opinion. In Sweden where I come from there is a totally different standard on food and service. A one star restaurant in Scandinavia is in my opinion equal to a three or two star restaurant in Italy or France. Piazza Duomo truly deserve all the stars they have! I recommend everyone that have the possibility to go there.

And now they are on place 27 in the 50 best restaurants! Just saying… ↑


A must to try is their salad. It’s called Insalata 21, 32, 41, 51…the numbers stand for the number of ingredients in the sallad, all depending on season.

Ristorante Piazza Duomo

Piazza Risorgimento 4

12051 Alba CN


+39 (0)173 366167

3. La Piola– a trattoria in the center of Alba and in the same building as Piazza Duomo- infact there is the same owners. The chef Enrico Crippa and the Ceretto family. Here they serve traditional piemontese food. Piola is, in fact, the local dialect term for trattoria, the place where the grandparents used to meet up to eat a dish of tajarin pasta, or simply chat with friends over a game of cards. The chef Dennis Panzeri takes us back in time to rediscover the flavours and aromas of traditional Piedmontese specialities. A must to try is their pasta, Agnolotti del Plin, best Agnolotti I ever tried! Agnolotti is made with small pieces of flattened pasta dough, folded over filling of roasted meat or vegetables.

La Piola

Piazza Risorgimento 4

Alba CN


+39 (0) 173 442800

The staff is kind, funny and knowledgeable, ask them for suggestions if you need help. They all speak very good english.


4.  Vinoteca Centro Storico – small trattoria/winebar in the middle of          Serralunga d’alba. This is how you picture the typical Italian restaurant, run by an Italian family. The husbands serve and take care of the wines while the wife and her mother is in the kitchen cooking. Their daughter sometimes help to serve. Local Piemontese food and a great selection of wines. You must try their Prosciutto crudo, it’s melting in the mouth! The wife also make wonderful homemade ice-cream (gelato).

Vinoteca Centro Storico
Via Roma 6
12050 Serralunga D’Alba (CN)

Also here you can buy wines for “take away” for a good price. Great selection of Champagnes and Piemontese wines.

Here are some other suggestions of restaurant that is good:

Repubblica di Perno – in Monforte d’alba   http://www.repubblicadiperno.it/

Ristorante Bovio- in La Morra    http://www.ristorantebovio.it/ita/

Bistro Duomo – in Alba      +39 342 364 0322

La Ciau del Tornavento – in Treiso      http://www.laciaudeltornavento.it/ita

Ristorante il Centro – in Priocca           http://www.ristoranteilcentro.com/

I will post more suggestions of wine bars, wineries and other activities in a few days. Stay tuned!




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